Our Team

Catherine Allshouse is the Chief Information Officer for KnowledgeWorks.

Chief Operating Officer

Nancy Arnold is an Executive Assistant at KnowledgeWorks’ for the Policy and Strategic Foresight and the Communications and Marketing teams.

Executive Assistant

Sherri Boone is the Executive Assistant/Coordinator for StrivePartnership.

Executive Assistant/Coordinator for StrivePartnership

Joy Bradford is a Staff Accountant for KnowledgeWorks.

Staff Accountant

Drake Bryan is a Project Manager for KnowledgeWorks, managing product development, creation, and implementation for partnerships with schools.

Project Manager

Katie Chadwell is the Senior Manager of Operations for KnowledgeWorks.

Senior Manager of Operations

Cris Charbonneau is the Vice President of Communications and Marketing for KnowledgeWorks.

Vice President, Communications and Marketing

Lead Learning Designer and Facilitator

As the Senior Creative Services Manager, Todd Garvin is responsible for creative development and execution of KnowledgeWorks visual communications.

Senior Creative Services Manager

Amanda is the Payroll Administrator and Accountant for KnowledgeWorks.

Accountant and Payroll Administrator


Virgel Hammonds is the Chief Learning Officer for KnowledgeWorks.

Chief Learning Officer

Director, Talent Management

Currently the Teaching and Learning Senior Coach for KnowledgeWorks, Laura’s vision is to help activate personalized learning and competency-based education across the country so that every learner can thrive in life.

Teaching and Learning Senior Coach


Sarah Jenkins is the Senior Manager, Research and Advocacy at KnowledgeWorks.

Senior Manager of Research and Advocacy

Mary Kenkel is the Senior PR Specialist for KnowledgeWorks.

Senior PR Specialist

Jillian Kuhlmann is the Communications Specialist for KnowledgeWorks, helping schools and communities tell their stories.

Communications Specialist

Senior Director, School Development

Stephen Myers is the Senior Director of Information Technology for KnowledgeWorks.

Senior Director of Information Technology

Judy Peppler is the President and Chief Executive Officer of KnowledgeWorks.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Katherine Prince is the Senior Director of Strategic Foresight for KnowledgeWorks.

Senior Director, Strategic Foresight

As KnowledgeWorks Senior Director of National Policy, Lillian Pace works with federal policymakers to create flexible policy environments that support personalized learning at scale.

Senior Director of National Policy

Emily Smith is the Director of Marketing and Communications for KnowledgeWorks.

Director of Marketing and Communications

Jason Swanson is the Director of Strategic Foresight at KnowledgeWorks.

Director of Strategic Foresight

Vicki Tallarigo is the Office Manager for KnowledgeWorks as well as an Executive Assistant, supporting the organizations work in schools and the coaches out in the field.

Office Manager and Executive Assistant

Katie Varatta is the Network Manager for KnowledgeWorks. She focuses on developing and implementing network support strategies for our personalized learning communities.

Network Manager

Matt Williams is the Vice President for Policy and Advocacy at KnowledgeWorks.

Vice President, Policy and Advocacy

Byron P. White is a KnowledgeWorks Vice President and the Executive Director of the StrivePartnership.

KnowledgeWorks Vice President, Executive Director of the StrivePartnership

Kate Westrich is the Digital Marketing Strategist for KnowledgeWorks, leading work across all digital platforms.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Geoff Zimmerman serves as Senior Director, Continuous Improvement for KnowledgeWorks.

Senior Director, Continuous Improvement

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