District Conditions for Scale: A Practical Guide to Scaling Personalized Learning©

Over the past few years there have been numerous publications, reports, and briefs released that focus on the elements of an innovative school from a programmatic and a policy standpoint. These have helped to shape what practitioners and policymakers expect to see in innovative, student-centered, or personalized learning environments.

Personalized learning, broadly speaking, is stuck in the school pilot phase. There are countless examples of personalized learning environments, models, and schools from coast to coast. We have all seen that great school or model and the world of possibilities it offers for the students that attend the school. These examples often result in more questions athan answers.

  • How are the other students in that district being educated?
  • How do we reach a level of scale for personalized learning?
  • How do we move from the isolated examples to whole systems designed around providing personalized learning options for all students?
  • How do we build a school system, a learning system, with personalized learning at the core?

One important step in this work is to identify the conditions for scale that exist at a district level. In other words, what are the conditions that a K-12 school district should put in place to support the scaling of personalized learning?

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Publication Date: 
Thursday, November 6, 2014

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