Educational leaders can shape the future of learning today

New KnowledgeWorks resource offers strategies to shape the future of learning
Cincinnati, Ohio

Five years ago, driverless cars seemed far-fetched. Now, companies are testing them on interstates. Ten years ago, robots that could learn seemed like science fiction. Now they are working alongside humans in many fields, including healthcare and hospitality.

As the world changes at an unprecedented pace, educational leaders have an opportunity to innovate now to create a future that supports every learner.

Today, KnowledgeWorks released “Shaping the Future: A Strategy Guide,” which considers strategies to help K-12 schools; community-based learning organizations, such as libraries and museums; and higher education institutions shape a positive, equitable future of learning for all students.

“As the rate of change outside education continues to accelerate, the need to think ahead becomes even more pronounced,” KnowledgeWorks Senior Director of Strategic Foresight Katherine Prince said. “Education stakeholders must think critically not only about what those changes mean, but also about how to craft meaningful strategies for responding to them. We hope the strategies offered in this guide will help education stakeholders create robust, future-facing strategies that help make learning more personalized and equitable.”

Developed from conversations with more than 60 education leaders throughout the country, the strategy guide considers five foundational issues facing today’s education system: educating the whole person, personalizing learning in community, creating flexible approaches to learning, grounding systems change in equity, and renegotiating definitions of success.

It also offers key questions to help organizations set visions and strategies for the future of learning.

“Thinking about the future as it applies to our organizations and industries is a luxury many people simply don’t have the time for,” KnowledgeWorks Director of Strategic Foresight Jason Swanson said. “Most education stakeholders are, understandably, tied up in day-to-day tasks to make sure their organizations remain running. We hope this guide will give them an opportunity to pause to create a vision for a brighter future.” 

For more information about the strategy guide, contact Mary Kenkel at 513-929-1310 or kenkelm@knowledgeworks.org

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