May 03 08:00 AM

The Personalized Learning Conference will be held at Kent ISD on May 3, 2017. All educators who want to learn more about personalized teaching and learning are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The goal of this conference is to build awareness and understanding of how to personalize teaching and learning for the purpose of increasing student learning outcomes. This includes a focus on implementation through mastery learning and system-alignment.

KnowledgeWorks Chief Learning Officer Virgel Hammonds and Teaching and Learning Senior Coach Laura Hilger will be presenting at the conference.

Learn more about the Personalized Learning Conference.

May 24 01:00 PM

KnowledgeWorks is being hosted by IU1 for a session called Exploring and Shaping Future Educator Roles at Remake Learning Days.

As learning ecosystems expand and diversify over the next ten years, education stakeholders will need to consider what kinds of educator roles we need and want for future learning ecosystems and what those roles might mean for current teachers and administrators as well as for the preparation of future educators. Informed by KnowledgeWorks’ ongoing exploration of the future of learning, this session invites participants to explore possible future-ready roles that promise to fit flexible and rigorous learning ecosystems. Participants will generate ideas for roles they would like to see and will begin exploring what such roles might mean for the schools and districts in which they work and for their own career development.

Learn more about Remake Learning Days.

Jun 21 08:00 AM

The National Summit on K-12 Competency-Based Education is invitation-only and will convene 100 leading innovators to move the field of competency-based education through the next generation of ideas and actionable outcomes, with a specific focus on equity and diversity. The Summit will tackle 6 issues: equity, policy, quality, meeting kids where they are, identifying emerging issues and revising the working definition of competency education.

Cris Charbonneau, Vice President of Communications for of KnowledgeWorks, will be co-leading a workshop with Chris Sturgis, Co-Founder of ompetencyWorks, on the working definition of competency education.

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