Feb 27 08:00 AM

The 2017 KnowledgeWorks Experience Conference: Making Dreams Come True will be in Orlando, Florida, from February 27-28, 2017. With a focus on personalizing, collaborating and learning, educators, school leaders and coaches, higher education leaders and school partners from across the country will gather to learn and share multiple pathways for adults and students to collaborate to make dreams come true for young people, their families and communities.

Download a conference agenda or register online now.

About the Conference

Whether we’re helping a student become the first in their family to attain higher education, make connections between classroom topics and real life or proceed through course material at a pace that is right for them, the goal is the same. We want students to have brighter futures where their dreams become reality.

In addition to three nationally-known speakers, who will be announced soon, we will be hosting sessions throughout this two-day event that will provide participants with strategies they can take home and put to use immediately following the conference. The sessions fall into the following categories:

  • Curriculum Leadership and Design for Personalization
  • Systems and Structures for Personalization
  • Climate, Culture and Student Engagement in the Classroom and the Community
  • Educator Effectiveness

Download a conference agenda or register online now for the 2017 Experience Conference: Making Dreams Come True.

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