Mar 26 01:30 PM

At this year's National School Boards Association 2017 Annual Conference, KnowledgeWorks Chief Learning Officer Virgel Hammonds will join Susan Patrick, CEO of iNACOL, to present a session called “A National Perspective on Competency-Education.”

The concept behind competency-based education is simple: learning is best measured by students demonstrating mastery of learning targets, rather than the number of hours spent in a classroom. Attendees of this session will discover national trends, the implications and opportunities for K-12 competency-based education and personalized learning within ESSA, and how leaders are using new models to redesign the education system around actual student learning.

This session is on Sunday, March 26, 2017, from 1:30 from 2:45 MST.

Learn more about the National School Boards Association 2017 Annual Conference.

Mar to Apr 31 08:00 AM

KnowledgeWorks Chief Learning Officer Virgel Hammonds is a featured speaker at  the Blended and Personalized Learning Conference. He will be speaking with David Richards, the Superintendent of Fraser Public Schools, with a focus on:

  • What are the key shifts that need to occur from the ground up to move from seat-time to competency-based systems - new designs and tactics in areas such as grading, assessment, data analysis, just-in-time support?
  • What are some good/proven starting points on the journey to competency-based?
  • What are some transformational/best-in-show practices that currently exist?

This event is a chance for educators and leaders to discuss blended learning as it exists today on the ground - both in terms of the day-to-day implementation in blended classrooms, and the strategies and systems that have effectively supported replication and scale across schools and districts.

Learn more about the Blended and Personalized Learning Conference.

Apr 03 08:00 AM

The National Network of Statewide Afterschool Networks is focused on the core components of afterschool and summer learning opportunities—engaged learning, school-community partnerships and family involvement.

At the upcoming national conference State Leadership for Afterschool: 2017 National Network Meeting, Katherine Prince, Senior Director of Strategic Foresight at KnowledgeWorks, will be presenting with the Vermont Afterschool Network. The conference is themed Afterschool Works: Empowering Students with Skills for Success and in her session, Katherine will be focusing on the future of learning, what individualized learning will look like, and how after school and summer learning could be a part of the responsive, interconnected learning environments of the future. The Vermont Afterschool Network will work with attendees to think deeply about individualized learning in the afterschool and summer space.

Apr 21 09:00 AM

Houston Foresight is hosting a Spring Gathering called Speak at Good Futures Work: Framework, Tools & Cases. Taking place at the University of Houston, the Spring Gathering is a teaching, learning and networking opportunity for students and professionals interested in forecasting. Jason Swanson, Director of Strategic Foresight at KnowledgeWorks and an alumni of the University of Houston's Master of Foresight program, will be joining other speakers for an information-packed day.

See the agenda and learn more about this event.

May 24 01:00 PM

KnowledgeWorks is being hosted by IU1 for a session called Exploring and Shaping Future Educator Roles at Remake Learning Days.

As learning ecosystems expand and diversify over the next ten years, education stakeholders will need to consider what kinds of educator roles we need and want for future learning ecosystems and what those roles might mean for current teachers and administrators as well as for the preparation of future educators. Informed by KnowledgeWorks’ ongoing exploration of the future of learning, this session invites participants to explore possible future-ready roles that promise to fit flexible and rigorous learning ecosystems. Participants will generate ideas for roles they would like to see and will begin exploring what such roles might mean for the schools and districts in which they work and for their own career development.

Learn more about Remake Learning Days.

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