Future of Learning

Student Design Challenge

Discussions about the future of learning often leave out one crucial perspective: young people themselves. To highlight youth voices on this important topic, KnowledgeWorks hosted a youth foresight competition, Imagine FutureEd, in partnership with Teach the Future, a nonprofit whose mission is to bring foresight and futures thinking to students and schools. read more about Student Design Challenge

Your Community’s Future Forecast

Every community is different. Each has its own history, specific needs, unique economy, and current learning environments. These local trends intersect with broader forces of change to impact the future. By taking action today, communities can shape what learning looks like tomorrow. read more about Your Community’s Future Forecast

Shaping the Future of Learning

As the world around us changes at an unprecedented pace, education leaders have an opportunity to innovate now to create a future that supports every learner. Taking action today to prepare students for new ways of learning, working and living can help ensure their future success. read more about Shaping the Future of Learning

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