Future of Learning

Our Strategic Foresight Work

The KnowledgeWorks Future Forecast 4.How might changes in the broader landscape affect what learning looks like in ten years? KnowledgeWorks explores the future of learning to help education leaders and innovators anticipate change, explore strategic possibilities and identify ways of creating better opportunities for all learners. 

Our strategic foresight team creates forecasts on the future of learning, takes deep dives into critical education issues and suggests ways of translating insights about the future into action today. We also work with education stakeholders around the county to illuminate new possibilities for learning and for their organizations.

While we can’t know how the future of learning will unfold, we can shape it in ways that work more or less well for learners. We can all act as agents of change by using foresight to guide our strategic choices today.

Interested in exploring the future of learning with us? Download our most recent forecast or contact us to arrange for a presentation or workshop tailored to your needs and interests.

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