Learning in 2025

Forecast 3.0

A variety of resources to help you imagine what learning might look like in 2025

Learners of 2025

As the world of learning continues to evolve, so will learners. The following personas, most created with Collective Invention, present snapshots of what we believe different learners’ experiences, struggles, and aspirations might be.

Adila Tahawi.
Adila Tahawi:
Introduction | Dossier
Aimee Park.
Aimee Park:
Introduction | Dossier
Angelina Whitman.
Angelina Whitman
Introduction | Dossier
Devan Williams.
Devan Williams
Introduction | Dossier
George Jezek.
George Jezek:
Introduction | Dossier
JP Teaero.
JP Teaero:
Introduction | Dossier
Joshua Howard.
Joshua Howard:
Mia Edwards.
Mia Edwards:
Patrice LaCoste.
Patrice LaCoste:
Introduction | Dossier
Sal Ophir-Kedar.
Sal Ophir-Kedar:
Sofia Castillio.
Sofia Castillio:
Tony Gutierrez.
Tony Gutierrez:
Introduction | Dossier

Learning Agents of 2025

New agents of learning will help shape the future of learning by assuming new roles that contribute to the expansion and redefinition of the education profession and its relationships to, and roles in, community life. The following dossiers and accompanying videos describe five possible learning agent roles.

Assessment Designer

Community Intelligence Cartographer


Learning Fitness Instructor

Learning Journey Mentor


Learning Agent in Action

Below are three videos of interactions between a learning agent and some of the learners of 2025.

Learning Agent in Action 1

Learning Agent in Action 2

Learning Agent in Action 3


The Learning System of 2025

Since we cannot be certain that a world of learning will emerge, examining possible future scenarios can help us prepare for whatever future does come to pass. Originally developed with Collective Invention, these scenarios reflect two critical uncertainties: whether the learning system reflects a learning oasis or a learning desert and whether it is controlled primarily by providers or by prosumers (proactive consumers who co-produce what they consume).

Learning Tools from 2025

To help bring the future of learning to life, these artifacts from 2025 illustrate tools that could help support learners.