Our Work

Through our portfolio of school and community approaches, we provide innovative tools, training and assistance to school leaders, teachers and community stakeholders.

Learning Ecosystems That Allow Each Student to Thrive

Giving students new opportunities in school with KnowledgeWorks.
Schools: We change the way teaching and learning happens in our schools through KnowledgeWorks early college high schools, which put students on the fast track to success. We help with the implementation of a competency- or proficiency-based education, which prepares all K-12 students for college and career by ensuring that they proceed through course material at a pace that is right for them, rather than waiting for their peers to catch up or moving on without having fully mastered the material.
Achieving collective impact in communities with KnowledgeWorks.
Communities: We help community leaders build civic infrastructure to develop accountability, deliver resources, and sustain reform within a community through StriveTogether. StriveTogether assists in the creation of a shared community vision and empowers stakeholders to organize action and investment around data and evidence.
Education policy with KnowledgeWorks.
Policy: We educate legislators, policy makers, educators, business leaders and the community at large on future trends in teaching and learning, the need for change, potential policies to adopt and the mechanisms needed to implement these ideas.
Future of learning with KnowledgeWorks. Future Forecast: Our strategic foresight team creates forecasts on the future of learning, takes deep dives into critical education issues, and suggests ways of translating insights about the future into action today.  We also work with education stakeholders around the county to illuminate new possibilities for learning and for their organizations. These forecasts guide the work of KnowledgeWorks.


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