A brighter future for all students

As our world continually changes, schools are challenged to change education approaches. Students need personalized learning to better prepare them for college, career and life. As a society, we need education that provides a brighter future for all students.

KnowledgeWorks offers a portfolio of innovative education approaches designed to help schools create environments that allow each student to thrive. Through extensive customization, radical personalization and new roles for learners, schools can build diverse and vibrant learning ecosystems.

Personalized Learning

Personalized learning should be a system-level reality rather than an occasional success story. At KnowledgeWorks, we are creating tools for states and districts interested in fundamentally transforming learning and moving towards student-centered systems.

There are countless examples of personalized learning environments, models and schools from coast to coast. How do we scale these approaches and build whole systems that provide personalized learning options for all students? One important step is to make sure the district can support a system-wide approach. Through our policy, community and school-based work, we have identified the conditions that a K-12 school district should put in place to support the scaling of personalized learning.

Early College High School

For too many students, the dream of higher education is out of reach. EDWorks early college high schools are changing what it means to be a college student and putting students on the fast track to success. These schools support students least likely to attend college, simply because of their circumstances, and put them into an atmosphere with high levels of support and expectations.

Through early college high schools, students have a four-year academic roadmap that accelerates them through a rigorous high school course of study resulting in up to 60 hours of college credit, or an associate degree, before graduation. These schools offer personalized plans for each student, reaching underserved student populations including students from families without college experience, low-income, English language learners and students of color.

Collective Impact

For decades communities have worked to improve student achievement through a various reforms and isolated programs. While there have been improvements for individual classrooms or schools, long-term, systemic change across districts has seemed unattainable.

Today, through a data-driven collective impact approach, StriveTogether cradle to career partnerships across the country are rallying cross-sector partners around a common vision for education equity and achieving real results. Partners in early childhood, K-12, higher education, community-based organizations, government, philanthropy and business are using data to make decisions, collaborating to scale programs that work and creating a sustainable civic infrastructure to support every child, from cradle to career.

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