Early College

Accelerating student learning and achievement

KnowledgeWorks early college high schools are a proven college access and success model that gives all students the opportunity to get the education they need. In the KnowledgeWorks early college high school model, students have a four-year academic roadmap that accelerates them through a rigorous high school course of study helping students graduate with up to 60 hours of college credit or an associate degree. These schools offer personalized plans for each student, reaching underserved student populations.

There are multiple pathways to college credit for students while in high school – Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and honors courses – but the team behind KnowledgeWorks early college high schools have more than 10 years of experience that has proven early college brings with it the most advantages. Thirty percent of students at KnowledgeWorks Eearly Colleges graduates with an associate degree and 95% of students continue on in higher education after high school.

Strong private-public partnerships are the bedrock of KnowledgeWorks early college high schools. A network between the school and area business creates a focus on workforce readiness and career pathways that benefit the local economy. The relationship between the high school and the higher education partner ensures that students are earning real college credits that will prepare them for future college opportunities.

For students and family, Early College means the dream of college can become a reality.

  • Students typically earn college credit at no cost to them or their family
  • This model created a seamless transition between high school and college
  • Staff at Early Colleges guide and support students throughout their blended high school and college experiences

The KnowledgeWorks Early College High School Model: A Fast Track to Success

We believe that every child can succeed in college and in the workplace with the right tools, preparation and support. We offer bold, innovative school designs that have been field-tested at high schools in more than 50 districts across eight states. Integral to the success of KnowledgeWorks early college high schools are:

  • A culture of high expectations
  • A strong peer-to-peer network
  • Efficient and aligned school systems
  • Comprehensive system of student supports

Our Services: Your Partner for District Innovation

The team behind KnowledgeWorks early college high schools have successfully enacted high school improvement at the state, district and school levels. Our innovative designs have raised performance expectations for 180,000 students, while more than 12,000 teachers have sharpened their skills through our professional development models.

The KnowledgeWorks team partners with districts who are motivated to dramatically improve student outcomes and provides a full range of strategic assistance, resources and tools, as well as ongoing coaching and development for schools and districts. Our services include.

  • District / school conditions assessment and visioning process
  • Multi-year strategic design and technical assistance
  • Change management preparation
  • Leadership development for district and school leaders
  • Instructional coaching for teachers
  • Partnership development with higher education, local industry and community organizations

Long-lasting, dramatic change doesn’t happen without dedicated and knowledgeable partners. The team behind KnowledgeWorks early college high schools have designed and implemented initiatives in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Battelle Memorial Institute, and The Ohio STEM Learning Network, among others. We also have worked with community foundations and statewide intermediary organizations across the nation. The KnowledgeWorks team also works alongside elected officials, superintendents, teachers and community leaders.

Want to bring Early College to your school district? Contact the KnowledgeWorks early college high school team.

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